Your Guide to Installing LED Strips on Aluminum Profiles

Your Guide to Installing LED Strips on Aluminum Profiles

Hey there! Let's talk about turning those LED cabinet strip lights and LED aluminum channels into awesome lights. LED strips are great because they're flexible and save energy. Here's a simple guide on how to put them together and make a cool, stylish line of light.


Step 1: Preparing the LED Strip


Initiate the process by carefully peeling a section of the protective paper from the adhesive tape on the LED strip. Methodically apply the exposed adhesive tape to the aluminum profile, ensuring precise centering and alignment.

Gradually remove the protective film while gently pressing the strip down to secure it in place. Employ light pressure to prevent any potential damage to the chips on the PCB.


Step 2: Installing the Diffuser


Choose the type of diffuser that aligns with your preference: clear, frosted, or milky white. Opting for the milky white diffuser is recommended for achieving a non-dotted linear effect.

Place the selected diffuser onto the profile and apply light pressure until it securely clicks into position.


Step 3: Securing End Caps


Complete the installation by affixing end caps to both ends of the profile. Ensure that the tails of the LED strip pass through the end cap holes for a seamless installation. This final touch adds a refined and finished appearance to the LED aluminum profile.


Step 4: Streamlining Installation with Mounting Clips


Simplify the installation process by employing mounting clips specifically designed for aluminum profiles. These clips securely hold the profile in place, streamlining the overall installation process.


Choosing the Optimal Combination


The selection of an appropriate combination of LED strips and profiles is crucial to achieving the desired linear effect.


For example, If your cabinet is 0.5 meters wide with five layers, you can pair VST Lighting's 2.5-meter-long FS31 LED strip lights, each with a power of 5 watts per meter, with 5 pieces of 0.5-meter AP46 LED aluminum profiles. This combination will create a seamless linear lighting effect with no visible dots.


Similarly, if your cabinet is 1 meter wide with five layers, you can combine 5 pieces of 1-meter-long AP46 LED aluminum channels with 5-meter-long FS31 LED cabinet strip lights, each with a power of 9.6 watts per meter. This combination will also achieve an even linear lighting effect.


Tips: VST Lighting's strip light series is cuttable. You can cut them according to your needs.




The integration of LED strips with aluminum profiles offers a modern and effective approach to creating a seamless linear lighting solution. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can achieve a visually pleasing linear effect devoid of visible dots.


Experiment with different combinations of LED strips and profiles to discover the ideal match for your specific lighting requirements.


For comprehensive information and a diverse range of LED lighting products, feel free to contact us.

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