TOP 10 LED Aluminum Channels Suppliers Manufacturers In Globe Market

TOP 10 LED Aluminum Channels Suppliers Manufacturers In Globe Market

The LED Aluminum Channels develop as a vital part in the advanced lighting design as it embarks on the brilliant journey of modern illumination. Discover the top ten manufacturers, each one in the world of aluminum channels, influencing the landscape of modern lighting solutions.


  1. KLUS Company


Founded: KLUS was established in 2002.

Renowned for aluminum extrusions and LED lighting systems, KLUS offers a diverse range of profiles for various applications.


  1. LEDs-ON


Founded:LEDs-ON was established in 2005.

Ledson is recognized for its expertise in LED lighting solutions, including aluminum channels designed for architectural and decorative purposes.


  1. Environmental Lights


Founded: Environmental Lights was established in 2006.

A leading provider of LED lighting solutions, Environmental Lights offers a broad selection of aluminum channels for both commercial and residential projects.


  1. Lumentruss


Founded: Environmental Lights was established in 2007.

Lumentruss specializes in architectural lighting solutions, providing aluminum channels and extrusions for a variety of applications.


  1. V-TAC Europe


Founded: V-TAC Europe was established in 2009.

V-TAC is an international company with offices in Bulgaria, Dubai, UK, Hungary, Poland, Romania, India, Hong Kong, and Ireland. They deliver revolutionary products that embody the highest standards of quality in LED lighting


  1. Wired4Signs USA


Founded: Wired4Signs USA was established in 2004.

Wired4Signs USA is recognized for its premium aluminum profiles, serving the signage, retail, and architectural lighting markets.


  1. LED Linear


Founded: LED Linear was established in 2006.

LED Linear specializes in linear LED lighting systems and offers high-quality aluminum profiles designed for various applications.


  1. Lumibright


Founded: Lumibright was established in 2006.

An international lighting company, Lumibright provides a diverse range of LED aluminum channels suitable for modern lighting applications.


  1. DiodeLED


DiodeLED offers a comprehensive range of LED products, including aluminum channels designed for residential and commercial lighting projects.


  1. Surmountor Lighting


Founded: Surmountor Lighting was established in 2009.

Specializing in LED linear lighting solutions, Surmountor Lighting provides a variety of aluminum channels for architectural and decorative applications.


These leading manufacturers are pioneers in the market of LED Aluminum Channels, creating a story of innovation and design brilliance. May these channels continue to illuminate our spaces, inspiring brilliance and creativity in the future.


About VSTLED.COM (Shenzhen VST Lighting Co., Ltd)


Founded in 2008, VSTLED(Shenzhen VST Lighting Co., Ltd) , a leading cabinet LED lighting solutions provider, supplier, manufacturer. With over 15 years of extensive experience in OEM/ODM services for cabinet led lighting, VST factory holds numerous domestically and internationally applied patents. Offer comprehensive customer service solutions tailored to meet diverse needs. VST factory produces and supplies LED cabinet lighting, puck lights, LED strip lights, aluminum profiles, LED reading lights, LED operated lights, LED drivers, and sensor switches to global customers.

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