What Is Hand Wave Sensor Switch?

What Is Hand Wave Sensor Switch?

Ever wondered what it's like to control your cabinet LED lighting with just a wave of your hand?

The Hand Wave Sensor Switch is an innovative approach to operate your cabinet, shelf, counter, closet, display case, and other modern lighting solutions.

Let's look at the specifics of this technology and see how it may improve your lighting experience.


What Is Hand Wave Sensor?

A Hand Wave Sensor Switch embodies innovative lighting management, adding a magical touch to your living areas. This clever device effortlessly allows both 12V and 24V lights, providing versatility for a variety of lighting settings.

The sensitivity detector and integrated circuit of the sensor respond gracefully to hand waves, allowing for hands-free control.


Key Features


  1. Versatility

Discover how the Hand Wave Sensor Switch easily adapts to both 12V and 24V lights, offering versatility for a variety of lighting configurations.


  1. Motion Sensor

Discover the secret behind the switch's sensitivity detector and integrated circuit, which allows it to respond to the smallest hand waves.

Learn hands-free operation as the sensor activates the LED lights with a wave, creating a convenient and futuristic ambiance.


  1. Mini Design

Explore the elegance of the ultra-small design, which measures 15mm*12mm, and how it merges into your space to provide a nice and tidy appearance.


  1. Installation Simplicity

Recessed mounting is required for the sensor, and matching connectors between the power adapter and LED lights are critical for a proper setup.

Navigate through the simple installation process, making sure that the JST male and female connections with 25CM cables fully complement the switch's 2-meter wire.


  1. Endless Possibilities

Explore the wide application spectrum of the Hand Wave Cabinet Light Sensor Switch, from under cabinets to shelves, counters, and wardrobes, unlocking creative possibilities for every corner of your space.


Why Choose Hand Wave Sensor?


  1. Smart Home Integration


Discuss Hand Wave Sensor Switch interoperability with smart home systems, allowing integration with other devices for a comprehensive and linked home automation experience.


  1. Energy-Efficiency Benefits


Highlight the Hand Wave Sensor Switch's energy-efficient characteristics, emphasizing how it helps to reduce energy usage by ensuring lights are only activated when needed.


  1. Durability and Longevity


Highlight the Hand Wave Sensor Switch's sturdy construction, stressing its endurance and lifespan. This factor increases the value of the investment by assuring a dependable and long-lasting lighting system.


  1. Future Innovations

Explore prospective advances and breakthroughs that could further expand Hand Wave Sensor technology's capabilities and applications.



With accuracy and intelligence, the Hand Wave Sensor Switch changes your lighting experience. Aside from its clean form and simple installation, this technology provides a personalized touch, effectively adjusting to your demands.


The beauty of hand waves becomes a beacon for smarter, more efficient living as we open the door to the future with customized settings, energy efficiency, and smart home integration.


Join us on this journey of cabinet LED Lighting, and contact us to see how the Hand Wave Sensor Switch may add a touch of enchantment to your area. Elevate your lighting, and let's work together to make the future brighter!

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