Top 5 Under Cabinet LED Lighting Market Key Players in North America

Top 5 Under Cabinet LED Lighting Market Key Players in North America

In the dynamic landscape of the North America under cabinet LED lighting market, five key players stand out, contributing to its growth and innovation. Here's a closer look at the five prominent cabinet led lighting market players:


-Hafele America Co.

Renowned for its expertise in providing functional and innovative solutions for furniture and cabinet hardware, Hafele America Co. brings a wealth of experience to the cabinet LED lighting sector. Their commitment to quality and design positions them as a leader in the market.


-Acuity Brands Lighting LLC

As a prominent player in the lighting industry, Acuity Brands Lighting LLC is known for its cutting-edge solutions. Their presence in the North America cabinet LED lighting market signifies a focus on technological advancements and sustainable lighting options.



With a reputation for crafting high-quality lighting fixtures, Kichler is a key player in the market. Their diverse range of products, including chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconces, and outdoor lighting, reflects a commitment to providing stylish and functional lighting options for consumers.


-WAC Lighting

Established in 1984, WAC Lighting has been at the forefront of design, engineering, and manufacturing. The brand offers a comprehensive range of lighting products, including LED track and recessed lighting, decorative pendants, wall sconces, and architectural lighting solutions. WAC Lighting continues to be a preferred choice for those seeking sophisticated, energy-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions.


-SGi Lighting

Specializing in LED lighting solutions, SGi Lighting is a key contributor to the North America cabinet LED lighting market. SGi Lighting's product range includes LED fixtures for commercial, industrial, and residential settings. Their focus on energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lighting solutions aligns with the growing demand for sustainable practices in the industry.


These key players collectively shape the competitive landscape of the North America cabinet LED lighting market, driving advancements in technology, design, and sustainability.


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